49/365 President's Day schedules

Husband and son had today as a holiday- son only because his “10 and 4” rotation nightmare worked out right! Meanwhile, for son-in-law, several friends and my rheumatologist’s office, it was *business as usual*. That meant no lazy sleep-in time; I had to make myself presentable and get to my appointment with “Dr. Penny”. Exam-check. Lab-check. Cortisone injection. . . .huh??? Oh, well – – -yeah, the left wrist has been worse than usual for awhile, but…..!

Joint injections aren’t fun. Ever. Sometimes, even with a doctor who is extremely good with joint injections, you can have one that just “doesn’t go right”. It’s one of the hazards of *the game*, and it can get downright ugly for the patient. With all that running through my brain, I realize that I’ve never gone through a joint injection with this doctor! Keeping the brave patient facade in place suddenly becomes much more difficult! (Actually, “Oh, cr_p!” comes swiftly to mind!) Flight instinct was tapping on my shoulder, but he’s too nice to insult in that way. One definite plus, considering that all of the metacarpals (small bones of the wrist structure) have migrated to places they should never be, is the addition of a small ultrasound device at the new clinic. Even the doc seemed more at ease once he knew where everything was:) Immediate report: it was one of the best joint injection experiences I have experienced. Short-term report: the wrist pain is going to double for the next 24 hours (for many, the relief is virtually immediate. Then, there are people like me! After that, it should temper the swelling and tenderness considerably, as I have always responded well in the past.

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