48/365 Mini in the spotlight!

Bit of a lazy morning; I tried to reduce the message count in my in-box and catch up with my on-line miniatures groups – even sent DH off alone to Office Max! That’s unusual behavior for me; even when I was a kid, I had more fun in a stationery shop (sigh – those have almost completely disappeared!) than I did in a toy store!

Daughter and Grand-Daughter were here at Casa Blackburn by the time I had worked my way down the list of digests to February 4th or 5th. My attention was split between catch-up reading (there are entirely too many great links in those digests to just delete them!), talking with DD & DH and watching Miss Sara explore; it took several seconds to realize that several people in the Roomboxes Yahoo group were complimenting me on “Rose Colored Glasses” – my shop/display of Philip Grenyer’s miniature cranberry glass art! Why?? I had to backtrack to find the moderator’s announcement; RCG was picked as the cover photo!! I cannot claim I’m not enjoying the attention: she even put the link to the CDHM article in her introduction to the photo:)

DS’s flight was delayed over one hour this evening – fortunately, DD & DH checked on-line and kept me from leaving the house waaaay too early! Good to have “the crew” back together!

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