47/365 Club day – weather or not

Up early enough this morning to spend some time at my computer while the morning meds kicked in. Then it was time to restock my tool-box, re-read my lengthy notes, get dressed and start the long drive across town to Terrell Hills. Having consulted the Weatherbug (which was remarkably free of possible ‘events’), I wasn’t prepared for the quite dense and drippy fog I encountered between house and car, home and club meeting site. Ah, well – it kept me from dwelling on the meeting.

The miniatures club I belong to is a group of creative, artistic, independent thinkers (probably a fair description of most clubs, actually!) They*don’t*like*long*business* meetings before they’re set free to create! I’m on my third two-year term as club president – probably because I don’t like long business meetings either; I tend to whiz through the necessary stuff, mangle Roberts Rules of Order, and get us to the fun stuff in a hurry! This month, however, I had quite a long list of topics we needed to address, and that is when the phrase like herding cats comes to mind! There was a little grumbling, but they were remarkably patient throughout. I did receive some good-natured ribbing, afterwards, about “being very presidential” and “showing a new side of my personality” – >Grin< After the meeting, I drove by DS's apartment to check on security and give the plants another drink. He arrives home (again, briefly - it's driving him batty) tomorrow (Sunday. . . .not Friday, as I somehow decided he was scheduled to return!) Our NOAA radio was rather noisy early this evening, and the radar looked truly ugly. There was a large rectangular box (with San Antonio within it) marking predicted severe thunderstorms with possible nickle-sized hail. There was another rectangular box (also with San Antonio in it - the danged boxes were ovelapping!) denoting the tornado watch area. Um, can we say "we're in deep trouble"? The Scarlet Lady (my beloved red Camaro) got dressed in her car cover! Considering the damage done to the East of us, I am sincerely grateful that the "nasty stuff" actually formed up after the combined boxes had migrated away from San Antonio! I wonder what DS's flying weather is going to be like tomorrow, and how wet my drive to the airport is going to be?

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