45/365 Goin' Green

going-green-web.jpgNo, I haven’t mixed St. Patrick’s Day up with Valentine’s Day:) After DH and I exchanged cards and candy, he went into *work mode* this morning and I started crafting an extremely over-due menu and shopping list. (I’ve been “winging it” on meals for several days!)

As noted in an earlier blog entry, doing the food shopping alone is not one of my favorite activities. Aside from the obvious issues of painful wrists and leg braces, there are the changes in customer service which most super-markets have made over the past 15-20 years. Remember when the clerk (or a ‘helper’) emptied your cart onto the conveyor belt or counter? I really miss that: the fast paced bend-lift-reach activity at the check-out stand just plain hurts! Remember when the clerk (or bag-‘boy’) bagged your groceries with a certain amount of consideration to even weight distribution and protection of delicate fresh produce? Remember when you told the bag-‘boy’ that you wanted all the frozen food packed in plastic bags, everything else in paper bags. . . .and the same person bagged your entire purchase? (Now, there’s a new face every 62 seconds with each person doing things their way!) Hehe – do you remember when paper bags were even an option? (While some states are banning the use of eco-unfriendly plastic bags in super-markets, our Texas markets have switched to all-plastic! Groan!

I don’t like plastic bags! 1) They are harder for me to carry, 2) there always seems to be a veritable mountain of them waiting in the garage to be recycled…….if you can find a recycling station at the store, 3) they gleefully roll, slouch and otherwise empty themselves during the homeward drive! Well, O.K. – #3 is probably helped along considerably by the speed at which I travel (and corner) in my Camaro! While doing the shopping today (and thinking in a somewhat grumpy manner about most of the above issues), I spied the item pictured above: re-usable, made with a firm bottom insert to keep them upright for transporting and unloading and equipped with shoulder straps. (My shoulders can comfortably bear a lot more weight than my wrists can!) A bargain at .99 each – I bought 10 and arrived home a sore but happy shopper!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Very proud of you for doing this, and glad they are easier to carry to boot. I will need to look into whether our HEB (finally remodeled–took about 13+ MONTHS) is doing this. We’re not on a terribly “green” side of town — no recycle bins in OUR neighborhood (by the way, what happened to yours? I think you can ask them to drop off new ones.)

  2. Christy says:

    I really should try requesting new recycle bins. . . . .Again! Since the original bins became brittle, mangled and unusable, we’ve made several requests for replacements. None of those requests received a response, but I suppose it is time to try again.

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