44/365 "Even the reindeer clothes!"


Today was laundry day. That wasn’t “the plan”, but it certainly was a necessity. The washer and dryer were a steady background to the sound of three crazed cats all morning (what gets into them sometimes?!) and the cheerful babbling of our grand-daughter this afternoon. I thought the last load was finally in the dryer, and then happened to notice the towels in the upstairs bath were looking rather dusty. So O.K. – just one more load.

Finally – time to sit down and enjoy the company of DD and the antics of DGD, right? Yes, until I noticed how tired and dusty Mrs. Rudolph (a hearth critter I sewed and dressed some 16 years ago) was! Last load of the day was her eyelet bloomers, lace trimmed pinafore and full-skirted dress with attached slip and crinoline petticoat. Good grief – when did I find time to sew all that!! (Mrs. Rudolph didn’t go swimming; she’ll get a good vacuuming.)

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