43/365 My Race(y) Day

Approximately once each month, an unlikely group of gals (Retired Adult & Community Educators – pronounced racy) gets together for lunch and conversation. What is unlikely about this delightful group of bright, accomplished women is, in a word, me. The attendance varies, as one member hasn’t actually retired yet, one is quite active in political events (especially *now*)and one former CE Director is writing a book on the history of something local (the restaurant was quite noisy). Another frequent attendee is also a former Director, currently involved in multiple civic counsels, and the founder of this lunch-bunch is a former coordinator of classes for senior citizens & after-school care for children! (Interesting combination, that!) Add the founding Director of “my” Community Ed., who interviewed and hired me. Now, add. . . .me? Former CE Secretary (and occasional Teacher: Collecting & Crafting Dollhouse Miniatures, Beg. & Interm. Knitting, Beg. & Interm. Needlepoint). Oh – also the subject of a recent article in CDHM! I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in this group, but they don’t seem confused:)

Although I returned home in something of a food-induced coma (mozzarella, Portobello mushroom-tomato sandwich and creme brulee dessert), I actually started sorting and stowing the contents of a large wicker laundry basket which has been occupying floor space in the sewing room. This is Progress; I’ve actually made it past my Tower door!

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