42/365 Life in the Lost & Found Department

My clean-up campaign continues. It is still primarily focused on my Tower; my show room and the sewing room/guest room are also begging for the same treatment. Their time will come: *somewhere* in my show room is a bin of handy tools (a miter cutter; a really keen portable “crafter’s iron” with a very small, wedge shaped head; probably some nifty gadgets I’ve totally forgotten I own!), and the sewing room. . . .well, I won’t go there. Actually, No One should go there until I can restore some degree of order!

Another item was added to the “Found” catagory during today’s clean-up: my club’s current project reappeared! It is a two-story quilt shop, in one-quarter inch scale (1/4th inch equals 1 foot), and it has had two months in which to hide itself. (The weather fluctuations have had my wrist joints in a perpetual uproar.) I have a lot of work to do on this structure before the meeting this coming Saturday!

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