41/365 Mission(s) accomplished

I spent a bit of lazy time this morning; reading my favorite parts of the Sunday paper and catching up (well, sorta!) on my e-mail and interest groups. Then it was get moving before the day’s gone time!

While rearranging my Tower the past few days, one item has been bugging me; why was there an old, unused, bulky printer occupying valuable work space on DH’s work-bench?! (Alright, you caught me- – -I call it *my* Tower, but DH has his work-bench and cabinet space, too. Grin!) Well, today, that old printer was loaded into the Scarlet Lady, along with two others (even older), a DVD player/changer and a record turn-table from the garage!

We needed to do a “heavy stuff shopping*”, and there is a Goodwill donation station just steps away from a market; not the market I usually frequent, but in this instance – perfect! We came home with the cat litter, soda, boxed wine, etc. and without the odd collection of electronics – also perfect!

* Heavy stuff shopping = pretty much the items listed above, plus the errant 25 lb. bag of bird seed. When I slip up (by not getting the two-week menu and shopping list done in a timely manner) and lose my shopping-partner (DH), these are the items that are beginning to cause real problems for me when I do the shopping solo. I either arrive home triumphant but physically wretched and occasionaly bloodied, or I return without those items! (Note: cats & wild birds can become somewhat cranky when their needs are not properly met.)

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