40/365 Watch this space! (OK – you can look now.)

I have good news to report- – -but I spent several more hours in my Tower today (and the sewing room, and investigating odd *archaeological layers* in my roll-top desk, and. . . . . . . .) I’m pooped! My when, where and how will have to wait till tomorrow. Stay tuned:)

(Always like to keep my audience riveted – “Blazing Saddles”.)
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I FOUND THE INSTRUCTIONS!! (For those who have not been following the saga, this hunt has taken several days and produced a somewhat massive clean-up of my Tower. The other upstairs rooms have also reaped some benefits of my attention. . .but no instruction sheets for the miniature bamboo bird cage.)

Much of my morning was spent searching through more files and binders of miniatures-related information, getting quite a lot of *stuff* properly stored while searching for the elusive instructions and pattern. Bend/lift/stretch over-load drove me downstairs shortly after DD arrived seeking a quiet place to recover from one of her monstrous multi-day headaches, but I made a few more search expeditions this afternoon. Nada, zip, zero – frustration level rising!

This evening, as I left the master bedroom, I happened to glance at the stand for the laser printer. That “stand” happens to be a filing cabinet we have had since. . . . . .1980? Earlier, maybe? Hmmm, I used to keep some patterns and paperwork in there – – -what are the odds? BINGO – there they were! LOL – they had never even made the migration to the second floor!

Now, if only DD felt better (and DS was stressing less) and I could find the project I’m supposed to be working on for my club meeting!!! Hehe – it’s always going to be something:)

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