39/365 Getting up at 3:30 AM & cleaning my Tower at 3 PM – am I nuts?!

The obvious (and correct) answer is YES!

This was an “airport morning”. Granted, getting up at 3:30 AM (thereby allowing time for my meds to work before getting dressed and leaving my driveway at 5:10 AM) should not be attempted on the same day as the start of a much-needed cleaning of my “Tower” work-room! Even with a midday semi-nap (cat assisted; need I say more?) all joints from neck to feet loudly declare their displeasure when I pull a stunt like this!

There were several good reasons for this seemingly ill-advised afternoon activity, however. My workbench has become so cluttered with. . . . .everything . . . .that I am not comfortable working at it. Not good! My recently purchased rolling organizer cart (with two lovely rows of drawers!) was still sitting empty with no space to call its own. Not good! After an on-and-off, two month search of drawers, binders and filing cabinet drawers, I am still trying to locate a set of instructions I used several years ago to construct a one-twelfth scale bird cage! Frustrating! (I know what you’re thinking – “If you last used it several years ago, isn’t it quite possible that it was thrown away?’ Fans of the movie The Princess Bride will recognize my answer – “It is completely, entirely and in all other ways inconceivable.” What can I say? I am a happily-incurable pack rat!)

I accomplished enough of a Tower-turnaround that the extra soreness and stiffness is definitely worth it. Many bags of tools, supplies, projects, kits, sketches and instructions are now stowed, stored, hung up or filed where they can be found again. Somehow, my new organizer cart was cajoled into sharing wall space with my original cart and the *stacked bin* unit – I didn’t even have to remove the thinking/plotting (read: vegging out) chair from the Tower to accomplish the feat! Did I locate the long-elusive set of instructions that will put a smile of delight (and relief – her bird-cage was demolished) on a fellow miniaturist’s face? Unfortunately, no, but I shall continue the search as soon as my body forgives me for today’s exertions.

Meanwhile, my adult children are both battling monster headaches; DS carried his aboard the early morning flight to Sand City and DD had the unenviable challenge of mothering a vocal & active toddler while wishing (like “Custard the Dragon”) for a nice, safe (and quiet) cage!  I hope they’re both asleep by now – that’s what I’m going to try to do!

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