33/365 Note to self: Read e-mail slooooowly!!!

Alternate title: “Right time, right place, wrong day!”  Sigh!!

Great news: a much-liked, much-missed and very talented ex-member of my miniatures club is moving back to San Antonio within a few months. She is already making 400 mile shuttle runs to her new house with the sort of cherished breakables you do not want a moving company transporting (Ouch! For a miniaturist, that list can get pretty long!).

One of the club officers sent an e-mail out recently, announcing that Sheila would be here in town for a few days and inviting all of us to meet for lunch at a local bar-b-que. I speed-read through the message, noted the date & details in my calendar and zipped on to the next messages awaiting my attention. Not good!

This morning, I dressed and left Casa Blackburn early to allow for the construction slow-downs I expected along the route. As hoped, I arrived a few minutes early and settled on one of the wooden, old-west themed benches to await the others. Oddly, no one else had arrived by 11:30 AM – boy, that bench felt harder, but the traffic had been bad. By 11:48 AM, I was  beginning to doubt my facts, and that bench was becoming hostile!  Placing a humbling call to our projects chairwoman confirmed my dark suspicions: This delightful reunion is scheduled for ***tomorrow***!  Goodbye, cruel bench! See ya again, soon!

DS arrived this afternoon, back for a few days respite from his temporary exile in Sand City. All went well during his latest trip, except that his company’s travel agent apparently paid absolutely no attention to the location of his store when they made reservations at a hotel in downtown Sand City!!  Hey, he can experience grid-lock, traffic delays and slow commutes without ever leaving in San Antonio!

DD continues to cope with sleep deprivation, multiple demands during nearly every waking moment and multiple businesses  to over-see (translation: be a loving and vigilant Mom to our cute-as-a-button and very mobile GD, a loving and supportive wife to our busy SIL and and an active businesswoman) all with remarkable grace and patience.  It’s a joy to live close enough that we get to see her and share the fun of watching our GD blossom into an inquisitive toddler!

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