32/365 February arrived bearing gifts!

I didn’t expect the simple task of reading/weeding my e-mail to transform my morning from normal to *WOW*, but that’s what happened!  One click on a somewhat familiar name, and suddenly I’m as bouncy as a Tigger! Take a look at this:http://www.cdhm.org/news/collector0208.php . My daughter did most of the tricky photography work (miniature cabinets, glass fronted and mirror backed, are not camera-friendly!), someone at CDHM (Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures) is a PSP genius and Sue Giordano turned my rather dry interview into a terrific narrative! I know there are much bigger (pun intended) things than being showcased as the February Featured Collector, but hey, I’m thrilled!

It’s a Great way to start off a new month!!

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