30/365 Stitches out

DH got his stitches out this morning. The incision is healing up nicely, and looks great! I went on a frustrating *quest* today for vacuum cleaner bags. Checked all the likely nearby stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Linens & Things and Lowes and came home with what I hoped was a compatible compromise. (The compromise was in lieu of the rather long and traffic-choked drive to the not-so-near Sears store.) Surprise – Not! – the only place to buy Kenmore vacuum bags is still a Sears store. Later this evening, DH ordered a new vacuum cleaner on-line! It wasn’t the bag (non)availability issue which spurred the purchase; our Kenmore vacuun is totally RA unfriendly. I can’t wait for the new one – with a longer wand and detachable floor/carpet head – to arrive!

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