25/365 Camaros are allergic to rain

Just my own personal opinion. . . .4 AM is not “morning”!  4 AM is one of those unfriendly hours I dislike seeing displayed on the clock when I am having difficulty sleeping, not an hour at which I wish to arise.  However, the travel-planning department of DS’s company seems incapable of recognizing that a 7:30 AM flight requires a 5:30 AM arrival at the airport; they are also (of course) unaware that it takes this chauffeur/mom 30-60 minutes to get alert, flexible and dressed. (Once upon a time – before RA – I could have been up, dressed & gone inside 15 minutes. Alert? Hehe – Not so much!).

Actually, DS talked me into shaving some off of the ‘two hour rule’, so I didn’t leave the driveway until 5:15 AM, aiming to arrive at his abode at 5:45 AM. I’ve never been proud of my night vision, but *hush 44 years* of driving at night with caution have worked pretty well for me. Two blocks from Casa Blackburn. . . . .rain? Rain!  Oh, fine – now what I couldn’t see clearly is also a blurry reflection!  Add in a stretch of freeway with a no-margin-for-error barricade on my right and the ever-changing detours and barricades at our airport. By the time I had safely delivered DS for yet another flight to “Sand City”, I was a bit of a wreck. (The big, wide tires on my ’97 Camaro turn into big, wide skis in wet weather!)

The rest of my day? Well, it was mostly spent in a series of naps! What happened to the days when I could work & study, skip sleep and hit another day of the same? Oh, yeah – I was younger then!! LOL!

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