24/365 Near zero sleep, but my Kindle arrived!!!!

No one slept at all well last night, including the cats! DH was under doctor’s orders to avoid sleeping on the pressure bandage/surgical site; orders I knew he would carefully obey when awake. Asleep, however, was a different matter – the incision is on his preferred sleeping side! He was wakeful because he was uncomfortable – I was wakeful because I was trying to keep an eye on him – the cats couldn’t get comfortable because we kept moving around. I think the total sleep time was 1.5 hours for each of us. 

Come morning, the lack of sleep presented no problem. . . . .for the cats! They simply retired to their favorite daytime nests and caught up! Different story for the humans in the house: 7 AM signaled the start of another day. DH took the pressure bandage off; the predicted swelling and bruising around the surgical site was present, but mild. The incision is longer than we expected, but will subside gracefully into one of his “character lines” when it is fully healed.

I knew we would have most of the family here today – DSIL is still working extended hours, DS returns to El Paso tomorrow for another *period of exile* and computer tracking showed that my Kindle would arrive at Casa Blackburn sometime today. (Click http://tinyurl.com/yvy2lr to learn more about Kindle.) Watching us, it would have been difficult for an observer to decide who the long-awaited (well, it has felt long!!) Kindle was coming to. Everyone except our adorable grand-daughter (quite happily occupied with speed-crawling, furniture inspection and stand-sit practice) was misidentifying passing car sounds as the arrival of the UPS truck throughout the afternoon! LOL!

It finally came, and I’m in love with it! It is supremely easy to navigate, the text is clearer & easier to read than many traditional paper books I’ve read, it is light in weight and easy for my wonky hands to hold while it capable of storing something as weighty as War & Peace! It is also the matter of a few seconds (using the Kindle – my computer is not necessary!) and a reasonably low price to add any book I choose to its digital library!  I’ll never completely turn my back on bookstores and libraries, but the Kindle has suddenly made reading a much more portable activity for me!

We had a wildlife parade going on this evening, right outside our patio door. As usual, we set out food for our tame little backyard stray feline. Shortly after sunset, we looked beyond the TV screen to the patio and realized that was Not our little black cat enjoying the kibble. . . .that was a rather large skunk!  Sometime later, we noted that the skunk had been replaced by a hungry opossum. Meanwhile, our stray stayed curled up on her chair, surveying her dinner guests from less than two feet away.

Time for sleep – I have to be up at 4 AM to get DS to the airport! We’ll all be glad when this beastly commute is over & done!

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