23/365 Whew! That could have been much worse!

The clock radio woke us up at 7 AM, and that’s when the day stopped being *normal*. Normal would have been the two of us spending an hour consuming caffeine and reviewing on-line news and new e-mail (probably in our jammies) on separate computers before DH started working and I started. . . .whatever. This morning was much different; following a recent diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma, DH had a 9 AM appointment for a Mohs micrographic surgical procedure, and we were preparing to (possibly) spend the entire day at the surgical center. Books, quarters for vending machines, cell phones, wallets and materials for my newest miniature needlework consignment all found space in my tote.

Google the Mohs procedure if you’re interested; in theory, it involves precision mapping of each biopsy and immediate pathological examination. In practice, it means the surgeon excises the tumor plus a margin and sends the patient to the waiting room (for one-to-two hours) while pathology is done. If any cancerous cells are detected, the procedure is repeated. The preparatory literature warns patients that this cycle may be repeated several times; in plain English, Don’t Make Any Other Plans For The Day. The *plus side* is two-fold: 1) This procedure boasts the highest cure rate for many skin cancers, including BCC and 2) It doesn’t require multiple visits to a surgical center and (multi-day) tense waits for lab results!  By 1 PM, we were on our way to the pharmacy (for pain meds – I’m flat out) and the comfort of home. (Comfort is a relative term – He had a pressure bandage on and the excision location (twixt lower eyelid and nose) made glasses a bit awkward to wear.

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