22/365 What price fame?

God Speed, Heath Ledger! Unlike so many of the *train wrecks* who’ve occupied waaay too much news space recently (IMHO), he seemed to come from a stable home and have a solid set of values. He was talented and showed great promise. It is too soon to assume suicide (Yes, sleeping pills were found near his body. However, he had an appointment for a massage this morning) – it is not too soon to rue the loss of a young actor who died much too early.

I spent a few enjoyable and instructional hours in New Braunfels today, in the workshop of The Guys from Texas. With two* other eager students, I learned the basics of wiring and soldering LEDs to power sources for use in my roomboxes, scenes-in-bags and doll houses. (LEDs are perfect for miniatures applications: small, long lasting and cool burning.)  My father was an electrical engineer, and happily explained transformers, resistors and bus ducts to me. . . . . .however, those lessons were delivered some 45 years ago! My last use of a soldering iron and rosin core solder was. . .yep, about 45 years ago!  Also, my “electrical education” took place well ahead of the advent of LEDs! Today, I came home with some hands-on experience with soldering, heat-shrink tubing, rectifiers and resistors; whether it was enough experience to wire several of my scenes by myself, or just enough knowledge to make me dangerous, remains to be seen:D

*The class size was reduced, due to weather and illness. That was probably a blessing for our long-suffering instructors. LOL!


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