21/365 Two out of three

MLK Day – DH was off for the day and DS is home between ten-day work-shifts. DSIL (Daddy to my adorable 10 month old GD), however, was committed to office projects which wouldn’t end till 9:30PM!

The weather was pretty awful for the MLK parade and errand running; fairly dense fog (which thickened to travel-advisory status this evening) with rain dripping through it. Good reason for a gathering of the clan – minus DSIL – at Casa Blackburn for a computer fest and beef curry!

Our grand-daughter was pulling out her new “magic tricks” in fine style: she loves to wave Hi and Bye-bye; has become quite adept at walking her way from play table to terrarium to grandfather clock (not “Look Ma, no hands!” yet – but she’s getting close!) and definitely has added a new word to her vocabulary. “Cat!” (said without the troublesome T) announces each sighting of one of our fur-kids.

DS and I braved the ugly driving weather for a quick trip to Al-Tex; I needed a new, compact soldering iron for a class in LED wiring tomorrow. The Guys from Texas are going to guide six women (armed with soldering irons) through the mysteries of electricity! LOL – maybe we should take them Valium as a thank you gift!

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