20/365 Together again

As a Mom, today is one of the Really Good Days!  DS is flying in from his temporary assignment in “Sandy City, TX” this afternoon and all of us are gathering at his sister’s this evening to celebrate (a tad late) DSIL’s birthday. (Stretched-out-birthdays are rapidly becoming a Blackburn tradition – LOL!

Of course, yesterday’s decision to stay warm, dry and near DD & GD has a fee to pay today. The extensive/expensive tour of the supermarket, stashing many bags of food-stuffs in their assigned places and getting SIL’s gifts wrapped must be accomplished before I point my little red sporty-car toward the airport and let out the reins.  (Sure wish the local police weren’t *packaged* in a rainbow of hues – makes them very hard to detect! Yes, I do realize that is their plan.)

I’m looking forward to being surrounded by my family this evening:)

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