19/365 On the other hand

I reeealy dislike alarm clocks on weekends. It’s not as if the RA allows me the luxury of “sleeping in” very often anyway, but arising at the demand of a chirpy-voice radio DJ or the beat of a C/W song should be exclusively a work-week activity! Still, I dutifully arose and put bare foot to cold floor at 7 this morning; it’s the third Saturday of the month, my day to “herd cats”, Club Day.

The morning challenge (of converting me from stiff/sore ogre to presentable human being) was rendered somewhat more problematical by yesterdays’ thorough ‘wetting and chilling’ episode. It was also accompanied by an on-going internal dialogue; “You have to attend, you’re the president”, “You can’t hold a hair brush, how are you going to hold an art knife”, “You need to be there to keep activities moving along”, “You haven’t even worked on the current project”, “You enjoy the social time with them”, ‘You’re not going to be pleasant to be around”, “You have to do the two-week food shopping today, and you don’t have a menu or shopping list yet” and on it went. 

Since the stiffness wasn’t letting up, the outside temperature was in the “ouch” range and the drive across town was looking longer by the minute, I finally gave myself permission to do what my other club members do (some often, some occasionally); skip a meeting!  I called my club treasurer so that no one would send out a search party, and suddenly had lots of time for the (mostly sedentary) task of planning what to feed us!  (Since “US” can vary from one to five adults on any given day, plus a grand-daughter with a precocious palate, three voracious house-cats, five or six feral cats and a wide variety of demanding wild birds, it requires a bit of planning!)

Once I had the menu set (not in stone – I try to build in a lot of flexibility), my cookbook consulted, the pantry/refrigerator/freezer reviewed for “possibles”  and the shopping list completed, I felt a lot better, but I wasn’t too keen on making the trek to the market. Fortunately, daughter & grand-daughter arrived to provide conversation, laughs & cuddles and the perfect excuse to delay the shopping expedition until tomorrow!

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