18/365 Cold, Wet and !#@?!

Well, yes, I did know it was going to be quite cold today; that is why I built “cat tents” out of old blankets, last night, for the front & back yard feral cats. That was also why I put the protective covers on the outside water faucets. Throughout this morning, as I tried to tame my incoming e-mail, I could feel the cold radiating from the nearby (double-paned) window. I knew it was a *nippy* 36 degrees at 1:30 PM. What I failed to note before venturing forth to do errands was that it was also quite wet! Rainy weather usually causes the driving public of my fair city to behave very oddly. They drive faster, signal even less often and apply their car brakes  later than they do on dry and sunny days! Aware of this phenomenon, I was not thrilled to be joining the fray, but cat food needed to be purchased and DS’s abode needed a quick security check.

My 20 mile drive brought me to an inescapable conclusion: my fellow drivers were clearly unaware of the temperature at which water freezes! That is the only explanation I can find for the unaccustomed caution, courtesy and reasonable speeds being maintained on  the roads today!

 Watching the evening news, something just jumped out and grabbed my attention and my temper.  There is, of course, unceasing (and mostly vacuous) media coverage of the actions and antics of the various presidential hopefuls. Tonight’s blurb featured US Senator John McClain (R-AZ) holding forth at a political rally aboard the USS Yorktown (presently docked in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina).  ?!!!!!??  Does this strike anyone else as absolutely & completely WRONG? At best, I’ll wager all shore-leave was cancelled for the crew of the USS Yorktown in advance of this “photo op”; at worst, it was an attempt to suggest that the crew of the Yorktown (and, by extension, the entire US Navy) stands behind firmly behind Senator McCain! 

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