14/365 Little by little

Slowly (verrrrry slowly), several of my projects are progressing:

1) The miniature yo-yo quilt (commissioned last Sept.) is nearing completion. It is requiring about the same amount of time as its catalyst (the SAM’s auctioned quilt), for the same reasons; it’s an insane undertaking for someone with wonky hands! But then, I haven’t laid claim to sanity in several decades:D

2) My Tower work-bench is becoming more organized. . . . . .each time I go hunting around on it for some missing tool or material! LOL! The miniatures display room?  Um, well, let’s not discuss that, O.K?

3) A pair of pants DS has been waiting for are now waiting by the sewing machine. Hey, they’re on the right floor, at least!

4) The total re-do of three miniature “shops” (The Petal Pusher, Le Beastro Pet Supplies & Sound Advice)  in a new barrister’s four-shelf unit, and permanent installation of Wakefield Public House (Pub) in the fourth shelf is finally moving forward.

5)  Now that I know what I was doing wrong on my Grand-daughter’s Christmas stocking, I can go back and do it right!

6-7-8 & 9)  Will have to wait their turn! 

What about the gazillion mini-kits (flowers, plants, furniture, books, fire-works, dolls, airplanes, tiny houses, etc.) which haven’t even been assigned a task number, you ask?  Well, when the RA truly slows me down, I shall have something to keep me occupied, won’t I?

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