13/365 Leaves – mystery & irony!

Mystery:  We only have two large-leaved (leafed?) trees in our yard. They are Redbuds, and the leaves dropped at virtually the first sign of winter’s chill.  They were removed/mulched weeks ago. The remaining trees in our yard and neighboring yards are either small-leaf varieties (Crepe Myrtle, Oak, etc.) or evergreens. Well, Casa Blackburn must be situated at the nexus of some mysterious wind vortex, because the entire lawn has disappeared under a thick carpet of large leaves within a remarkably short time span! (Nearly eight 33 gallon trash bags full of them!) I have no idea where our small, tractable, cooperative leaves were transported to by the shifting (and shifty) winds – perhaps there is someone a quarter of a mile away, puzzling over the mysterious appearance of a multitude of small leaves in his/her treeless yard! Since our *windfall* arrived, it has proved to be remarkably stubborn about relocating (thus becoming somebody else’s problem) on subsequent gusty days. DH went forth today, armed with his trusty rake, and spent several hours moving the collection from the lawn to the trash bags. 

Irony:  While DH was outside removing large, stubborn leaves , I was inside attempting to make leaves!  Miniature leaves – small and very small – in two distinct shades of green Mulberry paper. The paper is very soft and malleable; it punches with some difficulty and clings to itself insistantly! I spent hours punching, separating and counting 400+ of each size and color; ultimately bagging approximately 1700 ivy leaves to send to a fellow miniaturist.  

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