9/ 365 Written, not sent

Today, I approached the Dreaded Written Interview. Oh, not head on, but in a creatively oblique fashion. That’s a fancy way of saying I tried to sneak up on it. . . . it growled, so I went away and washed my hair. I tried to sneak up on it later. . . . it growled again, so I went away and washed clothes. I tried to sneak up on it after the clothes were put in the dryer, but. . . .it growled quite vehemently, so I thought it wise to leave the house and go to the market! Finally, I grabbed the dratted, dreaded interview firmly by the qwerty keyboard and vowed not to let go until I had had my say!  The recalcitrant beast growled, grumbled, intentionally misplaced my words and put generally up a ferocious fight, but it is Done. Over with. Fini!  It’s just not mailed yet.  After a restorative night’s sleep, I will be ready to link the conquered monster to its gaggle of high-res photographs and send it on its way!


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