8/365 Who, me?

To stay on schedule, I must e-mail photographs of several of my miniature scenes to a collectors on-line newsletter tomorrow.  I must also complete the interview I recently received and send it with the photos.

Now, I’m reasonably good with my Nikon Coolpix & its macro feature, but my best photos concentrate on one floral arrangement or a selected portion of a scene. The photos required for this feature article are of complete scenes; two with highly reflective rear walls, one loaded with minute glassware and two with depth-of-field challenges that make my head ache!  Thanks to DD (who has a well-trained eye and *much* better camera skills), I now have a great selection of pictures to send.

That leaves . . . .the interview!  It’s a typical, “tell us whatever you want us to know about you” , Q & A interview. I have looked at it several times over the past few days. “Hi, I’m me, and I seem to be completely at a loss for words!” Well, Drat! Tomorrow (somehow or other) I shall have to do a far sight better than that, certainly!

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