6/365 Time Together

I have erased five or six entries; I just don’t know how to express what I feel, but I want to find a way!

Because of my childhood ( a back-story best left untold), having busy adult children who actually want to spend time here at the casa with us is the biggest compliment I could ever wish to receive. It thrills me (and humbles me) that I receive that compliment often.  This evening, the presence of DD and our adorable grand-daughter provided the irrisistible lure for our travel weary DS – when I retrieved him from the airport, the destination-of-choice was our house rather than his spacious apartment. Thanks, everyone, for the time together! 


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  1. Shannon says:

    Ditto. Thank you for always welcoming us with open arms and hearts, even when at times we’ve been little more than bundles of nerves and rambling sentences (speaking of course of my pre-escape days at “The Compound” on Fred. Rd.) Sara loves her visits with you, and while she adores being around three (two and a half?) cats that actually aren’t terrified of her, the primary joy is of course her seeing and interacting with you and Dad.

    Thank you!


    – DD

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