5/365 Time well spent

Yesterday afternoon, we received a text message from DD which changed our Saturday activity plan from boring to satisfying.

“Boring” was getting back to better food-shopping habits by sitting down, planning a two-week menu and then making the shopping list from it. (I’ve done this for 30 + years, but fell into a “grab & dash” style some months ago.) One huge advantage of the two-week approach that I can usually shop with DH, instead of trying to wrangle heavy soda, heavier cat litter and incredibly heavy cart by myself. (The spirit is willing, but the joints are weak.)

“Satisfying” was the heads-up text message from DD that she and DSIL were going to tackle a fencing issue today, and we could help. Our power tools and extra manpower (DH), plus some enjoyable baby-wrangling (by me) to free up DD , helped them to re-establish peace and security in their back yard. (Sometimes, good fences don’t make good neighbors. However, they do put the problems back in the neighbor’s yard!)

The food shopping? It’ll happen, but *this* was definitely time well spent!

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  1. Shannon says:

    In this case, the saying is quite apt that good fences make good neighbors. It’s been pleasantly QUIET and NORMAL around here since our new fence went up. I suspect the fence was just one of many things that occurred at the same time to finally make the neighborhood a little more peaceful again.

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