3/365* Oops!

To the other patients awaiting their appointments at the rheumatologist’s office this morning. . . .my abject apologies!  I didn’t plan that, honest.  Other than an unaccustomed 30 minute wait, my lab appointment went smoothly. Back in my little red sports car, bundled up against the chilly morning, I reached for the steering wheel and – – – the lining of my jacket sleeve felt wet. Hmm . . . strange. Being a tad curious about the cause of this odd sensation, I wrestled the leather sleeve up past my elbow and discovered a few problems:

1) It was, apparently, one of my slow-to-clot days. Having filled the generous pad of gauze which was taped in place, I was now in immediate danger of dripping blood all over my beige upholstery!  2) I didn’t have any tissue with me.  3) I was going to have to make my way back through the large and elegant lobby of the clinic, past a host of waiting patients, to reach the receptionist and request *repairs* from the lab tech!

Wish I could claim that I sacrificed my London Fog jacket (or willingly incurred a hefty leather-cleaning bill, at least) to shield my soggy arm from public view while I sought help, but I didn’t.  Wearing a rueful grin and with my left hand shielding the messiest part of my arm from casual observers, I’m sure I truly spooked some of those poor souls! Actually, even the nurse/receptionist looked somewhat freaked out! LOL! 

* For anyone wondering why the numerals have appeared in my titles; I have joined the Blog 365 marathon. Hmmm – blogging Every Day for a year (minus one – it’s a Leap Year). There will be some readable posts, and some pure nonsense, I’m sure! Check out the challenge here:  http://blog365.ning.com/profiles?xgk=677ae8da73

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