2/365 Yessssssssssssss!!!

The past six days have been. . . . .challenging: I didn’t snarl or snap at anybody, but I’ve been without my two main pain-control meds for too many days!!! “Thinking happy thoughts” doesn’t hack it anymore; I’m closer to the poster of two grumpy vultures sitting on a tree branch. One is stretching its wings, and the caption is “To H_ll with waiting, I’m going to go out and kill something!” Today, the appropriate doctor’s office were open, the stars were in harmonious alignment and my prescriptions were finally filled!!!
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Oddly enough, the above mentioned poster was on the office wall of the Air Force Family Services officer who handled the details of my half-brother’s funeral service, after Scotty (Leslie Scott Swindall) and his fiance, Kathy, died in a bizarre accident in The Dahls, Oregon!

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  1. David Cramer says:

    Yes, Christy, OH! How I can identafy with that problem. My medical is taken care of by the VA and the hospital I go to is associated with a state medical school in Birmingham, AL. This means that the doctors come and go like itenerant workers and seldom rember to do what is necessary to insure continuty of care of the sheep, er’ “Patients.” So I spend an inordenate amount of time trying to get doctors to renew medications that have labels that say “Do not cease useing this without Dr. OK.”

    It’s a wonder I survived this far.

    Uncle Dave

  2. Dean A Swindall says:

    I accidentally stumbled onto this site,imagine my surprise to see my brother’s ( Leslie Scott Swindall) name mentioned! He and Kathy were hit by a train on a railroad bridge over the Deschutes river in Sept. 1970 while on a fishing trip with my dad and the general family here in Or.
    To Kathy’s brother or sister I would love to hear from you.Maybe hearing from you will help heal this hole in my heart…..
    My name is Dean Swindall. I live in Sweethome Or.Email: da.swindall@gmail.com

    • admin says:

      Hi Dean,
      You may have met me at Scotty’s funeral, maybe not. That time period is still a painful blur for me. I was never able to track down Kathy’s family; I’m not sure if she was an only child or had siblings. My heart has always ached for their loss, too.
      You & I are part of one of those oddly twisted family trees; Scott (as he wished to be called by the time I really knew him) was your brother (I gather you are a son of Les Swindall) and my half-brother (I am the second child of his mother, Lela Hazel (Terry) Swindall Hawkins Ramos, so we are tied together by Scott but not actually related. I know very, very little about the Swindall side of the family – I only know that Scott’s death left a never-to-be-filled hole in my life, too.
      Scott stayed with my side of the family for awhile after graduating from Taggert (sp?) HS, before he joined the Air Force. From that point on, he was my Brother. . . . the “half” was never mentioned nor noted. He and Kathy were hoping to spend Christmas of that year (1971, actually, rather than 1970) with my husband and I in Costa Mesa, California:( Would love to hear from you, here or at christyb@satx.rr.com

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