Six the hard way!

“Half-way through the desert on foot” still leaves you with half of the searing sand to slog through! That’s one way to describe how I feel right now 🙁  

I goofed…..spectacularly. I discovered my error last Friday – I have to live with that error until next Tuesday (maybe Wednesday!)  On Friday morning, I took my usual ‘breakfast handful’ of meds, including my last pain pill. . . . .bottle empty. No problem: phone in the refill and pick it up later in the day.  Umm, no; the pharmacy’s computer knows something I have failed to note. . .No Refills Left.  They’ll have to call my Dr. for authorization.  O.K. – still no problem. There’s a cold front moving in (my joints brought that fully to my attention before the weather report did) and the IBS is active and producing really ugly back pain, but I’m tough. “I can hang in there till later today.”

My rheumatologist’s office is always quite busy. After waiting several hours for the authorization, I decided to call and prompt them a bit. They Closed For The Whole Week!  I doubt they will be open New Year’s Day, soooo……’s going to be a rough wait!  (No, Aleve and Tylenol don’t have any effect at all.)

2 Responses to “Six the hard way!”

  1. Thomas says:

    Well… I am less than 20 minutes from the border. You want me to pick up a refill? 😉

  2. Christy says:

    Hehe – don’t try it; you don’t have your passport with you!

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