Your station is life-boat 16 aft . . . .

Hehe, sorry about that – ‘fraid I couldn’t resist! In the face of record (and seemingly endless) rainfall here in San Antonio, with rushing cataracts within view beyond our fence and a veritable torrent flowing behind our daughter’s home, words from the safety drill aboard the good ship Mercury spring to mind!

I didn’t intend to post anything about the current weather mess here in south-central Texas. . . .it’s wet and monotonous , but both houses will remain above the flood waters, Thomas’ route to work & market seems to be remaining passable and we are far better off than many in Texas and Southern England. However, Katie Couric keeps mentioning the storms and showing photos of the flooding, making it necessary for me to post “O.K. so far!”

The only real news I have to impart is that grand-daughter Sara Elise is growing bigger, more alert and cuter everyday! Wander over to the link (“Meet Sara Elise”) to your right and enjoy the newest photos of her:-)  Umm, well, wait a bit till I get said link re-established; it seems to have wandered off!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Hmm, I’ll have to look into why your sidebar navigation links disappear on the full text of entries. Sorry about that!

    The link should actually point to our master set, since Sara’s over 4 months old now and the link in your sidebar is to her 3-4 month gallery. I’ll fix that too. 🙂

    Meet Sara Elise

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