Reunited – and it feels so good!

Title & lyrics by Peaches & Herb, 1979. . . . .O.K., so I’m dating myself. Flip the numbers (1979/1997), and it fits!!

Yesterday, eleven days after my ’97 Chevy Camaro was admitted to the Cardiac Care wing of Ancira-Winton Chevrolet Service Department (if you consider the engine to be the heart of a car), or the Brain Surgery unit (it did have a cracked head, after all), she was finally returned to my custody and care, after a last-minute visit to the Urology Department (her water-pump was leaking!)

With no intended or implied disrespect to the Kia Spectra I finally rented from Enterprise Rent-a-Car (it actually was quieter, more responsive and better behaved than I expected), it was a HUGE relief to slide (well- -drop, really) into the Scarlet Lady’s deep bucket seat and drive her away from ICU (“It’s Costing U”). The Kia Spectra is, after all, a compact, short-nosed, efficient family sedan. The Lady is……well….a sleek & rebellious denial of my impaired mobility!

Her problems could have been simpler and cheaper to repair, of course. They could also have been much worse, in diagnostic & repair time and in US dollars. Bottom line; the reunion felt wonderful, even after writing the check!

8 Responses to “Reunited – and it feels so good!”

  1. Jerry Hollombe says:

    Glad to hear it wasn’t a cracked block, anyway.

    (Leaving off the website entry. Let’s see if this one gets through.)

  2. Hmmm … so it’s the web site the system doesn’t like?

  3. Jerry Hollombe says:

    AHA! That’s it! For some reason, your blog system doesn’t like The Garret’s URL. Probably thinks the .info domain automatically qualifies it as spam. Oh well.

    Now we know.

  4. Shannon says:

    It\’s the spam block protections — spammers like to include email addresses, URLs/links, etc. and thus those are often viewed by automated spam protection routines as spam.

    Someone clicking on your name will get to your website, so it\’s not lost info it\’s just not something that WordPress (the blog/CMS software running here) wants to see in comments.

  5. Jerry Hollombe says:

    But … but … but …

    … I wasn’t putting the URL in the comments! I was only putting it in the “Website” field of the “Leave a Reply” form, which WordPress asks for fercryinoutloud. Oh well.

    BTW, I solved the spam problem in The Garret’s guest book by requiring posters to enter a simple authorization code displayed as a graphic so the spambots can’t read it. Worked like a charm. Spam postings instantly went from several per day to practically nil.

  6. Shannon says:

    Hmm… I\’ll check it out. For one thing, her WordPress installation needs to be updated to the latest version.

    I don\’t have time to add a captcha to everyone\’s blog that I maintain for free. Perhaps you\’d like to volunteer to help Mom out with her website? 😉

  7. Jerry Hollombe says:

    Shannon said:

    \”I don\\\\\\’t have time to add a captcha to everyone\\\\\\’s blog that I maintain for free. Perhaps you\\\\\\’d like to volunteer to help Mom out with her website? ;-)\”

    As long as it\’s just a little help and advice, sure, but I don\’t think she can afford my full-time professional rates, even with the friends-and-family discount.

    Note that The Garret\’s captcha isn\’t a system that changes the code every time. The site doesn\’t get enough traffic to justify that. A simple code image that never changes is sufficient to block the run of the mill spambots. There\’s nothing critical on the site to attract anything more sophisticated. (Compare to the captcha I built for Free Space Shot that uses multiple images, multiple choice questions in multiple languages, keeps track of wrong answers, blocks abused passwords, has it\’s own database maintenance page, etc. But they\’re running a contest with serious prizes.)

  8. Christy says:

    Alright, you two – play nice while I’m away! LOL!!


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