Separation (and wallet) anxiety –

 “Really, 007, I do wish you’d be more careful with the equipment!” (“Q” in various James Bond movies.)

The “Scarlet Lady” (my dream car) is sick, and I am not taking it at all well! Since I have been driving for 44 years, this obviously is not the first time I’ve experienced car trouble nor the first time I’ve left a car at a repair shop. Even the Lady has been in the capable hands of the Ancira-Winton Chevrolet service crew before. . .for a simple ignition relay problem. . .twice!  But – – – -well, this is different.

My ’97 Camaro (the “Lady”) and I have formed a very strong bond; she’s sleek, fast, responsive, sporty and one of the few cars I am truly comfortable in. (Ironically, I think she’s probably one of the most uncomfortable rides most of my passengers have ever experienced. Her deep bucket seats can be a witch to get out of, and her back seats are designed for a four-year-old. LOL!)  Literally, I am more comfortable driving the Lady than I am walking, even with my braces and orthotics lending support and comfort.       

The Lady has been in the shop, instead of our garage, since mid-morning of Friday, 5/25/007, and hasn’t been diagnosed yet! I delayed taking her in – she actually got ‘sick’ on Tuesday of last week, when starting her up became somewhat of an adventure. Would she purr like a lion (no “kitten” here. . .I had glaspacks installed. Hehe!), or idle/rev the engine up/idle too slow/die?  Her choice, but I could eventually get her settled down and continue with my errands while glaring at the glowing Service Engine Soon light! (Yes, I know the light is there for a reason – however, it has been known to change its batty little mind and turn off. One can hope!)  By Friday, however, I was getting more concerned; the warning light was still glowing, and her “rev & die” antics were increasing in frequency. My 14 mile drive to visit a hospitalized friend had me wondering how much the towing charge would be if this was when & where she chose to quit!  On Friday , I noticed the odd behavior of the water temperature gauge. Seeing the needle drop rapidly from the normal cruising temp down to quite low and then rise to uh-oh – – – – well, that was the last straw!

Not only do I miss my car, but I don’t have a final diagnosis from the auto docs yet:-(  It’s a cracked cylinder gasket. . . .or possibly a cracked cylinder head. . . .or a cracked engine block. It’s not a diagnosis (or fee) I am going to be thrilled with!  >Sigh<

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