Mother's Day x 3!

When your children are small and living at home, Mother’s Day is easily celebrated. With help from Dad, flowers appear. Handmade cards full of glitter, glue and love are proudly presented. Dinner is at a restaraunt, or Dad does kitchen duty.

When your children are grown up, with lives of their own, the celebration is more complicated. There are work schedules to be dealt with; often, there are spouses & in-laws, and your daughters may now be mothers, too. They may even live in another city (or state.)  A lucky Mom may receive a phone call, loving cards or e-cards; a really lucky Mom may even receive flowers delivered to her door.

I’m a Really, Really Lucky Mom, blessed with loving and creative children who lead busy lives within the same city I live in. Mother’s Day celebrations began on Friday, when my daughter (now Mom to nearly-two-month-old Sara) and son (on his day off) arrived with wonderful cards, beautiful flowers and even gifts.

On Saturday, DH purchased (and spent half of the day installing) a new wall treatment which transformed my typical suburban kitchen into a gourmet’s lair. The change is so great that the 20 year old cabinetry looks brand new!

On Sunday, the celebration continued – E-cards and messages arrived, I was able to be lazy when I wished, do only what i wanted to, and enjoy the knowledge that my daughter was enjoying a pampered first Mother’s Day of her own. After an abruptly-extended day at work, my son was able to join us for a special dinner (and viewing of one of my DVD prezzies), rounding out a wonderful Mother’s Day(s).

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