Joining Dorothy & Toto?

I may have visited this subject before, (during a prior storm/tornado season)….. I’ve never been a “happy camper” during severe thunderstorms. Actually, that mild statement doesn’t even hint at the bundle of exposed nerves I become when Mother Nature chooses to become violent and loud. When my children were young, I managed to put on a brave face (“See the pretty lightning?”) and avoided instilling my fear in them. Now that they are adults and not witness to my “silly” reaction, I’m simply a wuss during each large thunderstorm which barrels merrily through our area! 

When a weather alert arrives, adding a Tornado Watch to the mix, I tend to become a somewhat manic wimp (my family will corroborate this!)  #1 – How do you “watch” for something in the dark of night or “listen” for it above the usual accompaniment of thunder, wind gusts and pouring rain?! #2 – My once-effective mantra (“there’s no record of a tornado ever touching down within the San Antonio city limits”) became null & void several years ago, when seven tornadoes danced through town and I watched one of the seven remove two storage sheds and several fence sections from our back yard as the rest of the family slept. (They were abruptly awakened scant seconds later when a section of someone’s roof shattered daughter Shannon’s window and invaded her bedroom!)

Tonight’s tornado watch was due to expire at 11 PM. OK – I am barely able to sleep during really severe thunderstorms and totally unable to sleep during a watch-alert, but staying awake until 11 PM posed no great challenge. (A good book, a newly arrived Netflix movie or a challenging Internet search often keep me up till midnight anyway). However: shortly after 10 PM, I watched the wind guage register wind gusts of up to 35mph as the wind direction rapidly shifted from SW to S to E and then N, nearly completing the circle back to SW! NOT what you want to see while “watching” for a possible tornado! Shortly after that little heart rate accelerator, the National Weather extended the tornado watch till 6 AM Wednesday.

It’s going to be a loooong night, folks!

3 Responses to “Joining Dorothy & Toto?”

  1. Jerry H. says:

    Hang in there and please post an “all’s well” when you’re sure it is.

  2. Shannon says:

    All’s well around these parts but Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras (across the border from Eagle Pass, in Mexico) got hammered. It was a nasty storm here but more bark (thunder, lightning and wind) than bite (flooding or tornados).

  3. Christy says:

    The worst of the storm was felt, as Shan noted, well west of us. After my post, a twister was sighted (and photograped) forming over Castroville (about 24 miles from us); fortunately, it did not touch down, but it bumped us up to tornado warning status. Did a superb job of raising my blood pressure, too, and made sleep impossible to consider until around 2:30 this morning.

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