March 15th – Unscheduled EVA


 Yes, I realize this didn’t get posted until April 18th! I would say, “Hey, it has been a busy month!”, but that boat won’t float. Not when the New Mom manages to get blogs written while caring for my  grand-daughter and handling pet care, household chores and multiple web sites! 

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Thursday, March 15th, started in a fairly normal fashion; Tom’s alarm rang at 7 AM. I didn’t want to get up, but I always do, and I did. I was being lazy and taking the day slowly- had just climbed into casual clothes when a text message arrived on my new Razr cellphone. (The Razr wasn’t an impulse buy; when I attempted to purchase a new battery, I discovered that my trusty Nokia had become a dinosaur!).

Daughter Shannon was at the 37.5 week mark in her pregnancy and doing great. I knew she had an O.B. appointment scheduled this morning. I had a short list of shopping/errands which I needed to accomplish before her possible visit after her appointment. In the time it takes for a text message to arrive, all plans changed!

At 10:51 AM, Shan’s  message arrived, saying that she was at the hospital, wading through the (endless) admitting procedure and scheduled for a C-section at 12:30 PM! She had had a very difficult (and virtually sleepless) night before; because of that, Justin (aka World Class Son-in-Law) had insisted on taking her to her appointment and was with her when pre-eclampsia was diagnosed and the options were given. Bottom line: waiting would only add risk for mom and baby.

I found them at the hospital before they went to the OR, and Grandpa Tom arrived shortly thereafter. Sara Elise arrived at 12:51 PM – 6.5 lbs, 18 1/2″ long, sporting a full head of reddish-blonde hair and absolutely beautiful! I will forever be amazed and humbled; Sara’s daddy retrieved me from the waiting room before Sara even reached the transitional nursery!

Enough for now – Sara is thriving, and her parents are sleep-deprived but wonderful! I’m proud of you, Shan & Jus, and thrilled to be Sara’s “Grandmeow”.

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