Sounds Like Fun!!

This evening, in a desperate attempt to begin catching up on one of many activities which have been largely ignored during the run-up to the miniatures convention my local club planned for over a year and finally hosted on Saturday, Feb. 17th, I logged onto my Flickr account. Or rather, I tried to! This is what greeted me:

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Flickr is having a massage.

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(It sounds like fun, but a look at their blog shows that an ever-growing group of Flickr employees are beginning to pull their hair out in frustration!) Guess I won’t be removing out-of-date images and uploading new ones tonight.

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I mentioned the miniatures convention. . . . .several clubs here in Texas rotate responsibility for hosting a yearly gathering of between 80 & 100 miniaturists for a day filled with food, fun, a pre-cut structure kit and themed workshops to keep the members happy and busy for an entire day (Well, eight hours of it, anyway) . The duty falls to my local club every five years, which means that many (most!) of the club members were experiencing this process for the third time.

The planning and preparation for this event begins approximately 12-15 months in advance of the traditional February date. There are many things to be done (designing a structure/theme, gathering materials, cutting and packaging the kits, finding a venue, planning a menu, developing workshops and creating 100 kits of each workshop, planning the decor and raffles, encouraging tote-bag donations from our sister-clubs and creating unique and attractive tote-bag donations of our own) – all this and more to fit within a set budget and the willingness/ability of our own club’s members to donate their time and materials. That’s the short list!

After 15 months of preparation, “the committee” and a few much-appreciated volunteers met at the venue at 1 PM on Friday, Feb. 16th. We had three (3) hours to arrange tables, decorate, prepare our displays, organize the food-service area, set out supplies, arrange the registration area, arrange a tote-bag pack & pick-up area, pre-pack complete workshop kits/paint brushes/structure kits, and…………………….where were the structure kits? Where was the Co-Chair of this event (one of those with prior experience, I might add!), who was in charge of getting the kits cut? Where was the Co-Chair who has been assuring the rest of the committee, and the rest of the club, that “all’s well – they’re coming along!”? Where was the Co-Chair who stopped answering her cell phone (or returning messages) two days ago?

Some of the necessary 100 kits arrived 15 minutes before we had to leave the venue for the day. Some more of the kits arrived several hours after the guests arrived and noticed that some of them didn’t have a structure kit (those were NOT happy campers!) The rest of the kits arrived just barely in time for us to somewhat placate the last of the have-nots and donate the planned number of full kits to a youth miniaturist’s group.

Over-all, the event was a success, but those of us on the committee (and many of the club members) haven’t shaken off the stress-induced fatigue. . .and fury. . .yet!

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