Time *Marches* On?

Today is my birthday. To be excruciatingly exact, my 59th birthday.

What have I learned?  Oh, I have learned much over the years, but this seems most applicable to the day; Time doesn’t march!  If you are bored with your life; if nothing catches your attention, engages your imagination or fires your dreams, I suppose time plods or drags. If you are aware of how many good books there are to still be read, if there are more creations you want to complete and designs left in your notebook, if you still want to learn a new language or try your hand at writing stories, if you continue to feel you can make a contribution somehow, time flys! 

Personally, it has come as a bit of a shock that while I may be getting ‘older and slower’, time is unyielding and unwilling to slow down to accommodate my personal change-of-pace! >G<   Since I still have a great many activities left on my personal Things To Do list, (including watching my first grand-daughter discover this marvelous world),  I expect I shall simply have to continue to operate on my own internal clock:-)  That's alright - it has always seemed to be more accurate  anyway!

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