IGMA Artisan? That would be. . .mice!

(“That would be…mice” – Three Weddings and a Funeral.)

What is IGMA? International Guild of Miniature Artisans, Ltd.  http://www.igma.org

One of their goals is:    

 “To Recognize and Honor Qualified Artisans and Encourage Work of Highest Quality

1. Through review and selection of qualified members to be conferred with the status of Artisan.
2. Through the granting of the status of Fellow to Artisans who have achieved excellence in their field.”

I’ve been aware of IGMA for years, of course. Several of my mini-buddies are IGMA Artisans and one is a Fellow.  They are “The best of the best.”  Miniaturists to hold in awe and reverence. Anyone can be a member of IGMA, but the Artisan and Fellow designations are only awarded if the selection board agrees that the pieces entered into the jury process pass a stringent list of standards. 

While I am proud of the quality of the miniatures I create, I’ve never (well, almost never) considered myself a candidate for Artisan status in the Guild.  Until last Saturday (Dec.2, 2006), that is!  While attending a wonderful workshop taught by two extremely gifted and creative miniaturists, I shared bits of my current needlework project.  I heard the expected comments; “How do you DO that?” and “You’re crazy!”  (Answer to #1- I don’t really know! #2 – Of course. I’m a miniaturist!)  Then I heard something which left me temporarily speechless, from the class instructors: “Have you applied for Artisan status in the Guild yet?  You really should, you know!”

Me?? The Guild? Artisan status?  Umm, nooooo.  I returned home very flattered and very thoughtful!  Me – an Artisan?  Well, we shall see!  It will take awhile (if it happens at all) – research tells me I need to be a Guild member for at least a year (I’m not, yet) before I can submit “3-5 pieces of my best work to the review board for consideration”.  O.K. – that gives me a year to design and create my submissions.  After that. . . . we’ll see!

Me? An Artisan?  It sure would be. . .mice!!!!

2 Responses to “IGMA Artisan? That would be. . .mice!”

  1. Jerry H. says:

    Having seen your work, I think they may have to create a new category for you: Master. Go for it!

    Happy holidays!
    Jerry H.

  2. Christy says:

    Thank you, kind Sir! I suppose I should complete the first step, at least – one must be a member of IGMA (membership open to all) for at least one year before applying for Artisan status, and ????? years before attempting to achieve the Fellow designation. At the moment – – – – I’m not a member!

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