I'll write as soon as……

How did it get to be November already? I haven’t even blogged October! “I’ll write as soon as I….” seems to be my motto, and my downfall.

I’ll write as soon as I:

1) Finish counting beads and cutting wire, packing 24 kits and making four prototypes for next Tuesday’s senior-center craft class.

2) Finish packing 100 kits for miniature (1/12th scale) bluebonnets. . .due date has already passed, but use date hasn’t. LOL!  This only entails counting the right number of each component into each bag and adding my illustrated instruction sheet. To be exact, 22,500 deep blue petals, 3500 light blue petals, 700 bud bases, 2800 bud petals, 700 accent petals A, 700 accent petals B, 700 pre-cut stem wires, 400 leaf bracts and 100 “soil” bases!

3) Finish packing 100 kits for miniature (1/12th scale) yellow rose bouquets. Ditto the due & use dates:-)  This one’s easier – only 8400 rose petals, 400 rose bases, 600 leaves and 900 pre-cut stem wires.

4) Clean up my “project piles”  (Hmmm – this isn’t going to happen anytime soon!)

5) Conquer the dust and fur collection in the house (O.K. – ditto above!)

I do need to give October a late nod, as it was an exciting month. Our daughter and son-in-law went to the clinic for their 17-week ultrasound on October 26th. The fun part (finding out if it’s a girl or a boy) comes after the tense part. . .the measuring and scanning and making sure “Sprout” is healthy and developing well. While the technician is quietly focused on her task (getting Sprout to move around enough so that everything can be studied), expectant parents try to stay calm and breathe normally! Good news all around: healthy, active and “Sprout” is a mini- Geek Girl!!! 

Our daughter brought the VHS copy of the ultrasound over that evening to share, and I found it fascinating and profoundly moving. Watching this tiny life on-screen as she moved and wiggled and tried to hide her feet. . .hearing her steady, rapid heart beat. . .this is,surely, lifes’ greatest miracle! (A few days later, when we watched the version edited by our daughter – slowed and paused for a better view and put to music with the most loving lyrics – I couldn’t hold back my tears.) 

The Internet didn’t exist when I was pregnant with our daughter and son. Oh, how I wish it had been! I have marveled at the wealth of information available at sites like www.baby.com about each week of prenatel developement, and the resources available to compare everything from the best heartburn remedy to the safest car-seat. There’s not much need (or room) for advice from the older generation now. I keep telling myself this is a “good thing”.




2 Responses to “I'll write as soon as……”

  1. Shannon says:

    Your advice is always appreciated. Just because the Internet’s around doesn’t mean your expertise is irrelevant. Like all parents, though, we will find our own things that work and don’t work — some of which probably won’t be what we’ve read online, either! 🙂

  2. Christy says:

    LOL! You’ll even encounter things that your baby girl has very definite opinions about:-) She will have her “I didn’t read that book, and I’m not going to do it that way” moments.

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