Maybe the Bobcat made me do it!

Maybe the recent Bobcat activity next door is responsible for the sudden surge in my outdoor gardening & decorating!

 Nooooo, not that kind of bobcat – while we are blessed with a deep yard and a flood-plain (ahh, well – that’s sort of a “mixed blessing”) to keep wildlife and trees as our over-the-fence vista, we don’t get that kind of wildlife!! Raccoons, ‘possums, squirrels, frogs, geckos, anoles, tons of birds and the occasional snake, but no bobcats!  The Bobcat under discussion has been busily aiding the construction of a swimming pool/waterfall/hot tub next door to our more prosaic back yard:-)

In late winter/early spring, I can be spotted prowling the local plant nursery (I’m addicted to Rainbow Gardens!) for the first available herbs. I haven’t put oregano, rosemary, chives or parsley on a shopping list in years! Colorful annuals jump into my wagon, too – many that have a good chance of surviving the brutal So. Central Texas summer. . . . . . .and a few that don’t.  I must learn (and accept!) that fuschias will not grow here, among other beautiful but “wise” plants!

Once our infamous Texas summer weather arrives, my gardening activity is limited to braving the heat and humidity just long enough to water the potted and hanging basket plants and moving the sprinklers over the lawn on our drought-restriction prescribed watering days. Watering, and keeping a large number of hungry birds happy at our three feeders, just about reaches my ‘heat tolerlance’ limit!

The day-time temperatures aren’t exactly kind yet (it’s 5 PM and 88 degrees), but the plants have been calling to me!  On Friday, I enjoyed the relatively cool temperature on the patio and mentally rearranged plants and plant stands. On Saturday, I pushed/shoved/nudged said plants and stands to new locations, while making a shopping list.  Today, I repotted three large plants!  It’s 88 degrees – I am usually quite capable of procrastinating for days before tackling repotting chores in this weather!

The Bobcat (or something???) seems to have affected DH the same way: the siding, bench and rock facing have been power washed, a window screen replaced and new mini-blinds installed. Sure wish I could bottle this oft missing energy!

For those who know us. . . . yeah, there was some blood-letting involved in all this, but we kept it minor. LOL!  DH tried to trim the tip of his pinkie instead of the excess window screening material; I punctured the (remaining two???) layers of skin in four places on my arms whilst doing battle with a palm tree, prairie grass and an elderly rosemary bush! Hey – not bad – no E.R. involved!!

In other news: son-in-law Justin covered 100 miles in yesterday’s leg of the MS Bike-to-the-Beach and rode the last 50 to the finish line at the Texas State Aquarium today!!!!!! San Antonio to Corpus Christie by bike!  Bravo, son #2!!!! We’re proud of you!!!

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