O.K. – The plant won!

Yesterday’s trip to the market was mandated by finches, sparrows, doves, chicadees(sp!) and a few extremely vocal blue jays.  The supply of seed blocks had run out, and no one was happy about it!

The plant?  It’s not my fault – honest!  There IT was, just outside the entry doors; lantana, lipstick vine, native grasses and a *mystery plant*, all tucked into one large bowl and calling my name quite loudly. I argued, but the plant won! 

I’ve had fair luck with most of the garden this year, despite the very high temperatures and the lack of rain/watering restrictions. (Two notable exceptions are the fuchsia and creeping charlie.)  My “black thumb” has relaxed enough to allow me to provide home-grown oregano, parsley and chives for our table, and a variety of hanging basket plants are gracing the yard.

Hopefully, the new addition will not regret its decision to claim me as its care-taker 🙂

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