Pixie on my shoulder

There was definitely a protective pixie on my shoulder at 7:15 this morning:-)  I have proof of that,  in the form of a Very Large Truck which was parked directly across my driveway and making it impossible to gain access to the street with either car!

Why was this a good thing?  Well, we have to revisit yesterday for an answer. Thomas is now an Austinite – Shannon, Justin and the Sprout are presently enjoying brisk temperatures and sightings of snow and elk in Colorado, and I delivered Tom to the airport for a flight to John Wayne/Orange County Airport.  I simply do not sleep well when the house is empty – I expected to sleep even less with all of the family spread about and out-of-town. I didn’t know the half of it! Even though I ran errands, stopped by S & J’s to visit with grand-cats and water plants, came home and did plant-duty and game-time with my felines, finally wrote & mailed all the bill payments, mopped floors, cleaned up my craft “Tower” (sort of…….), packed more workshop kits (it takes awhile to put together 210 kits!!) and watched “Northern Exposure” episodes till I was cross-eyed, I couldn’t get to sleep until midnight!

I wanted to be up, dressed and at the door of my not-so-local Post Office at 7:30 this morning, because an insured package went “back to the barn” with my delivery person yesterday, while I was out.  That package contains a wondrous creation made by artisan Alice Zinn; a male peacock in all of his glistening, colorful glory. This magical tour-de-force can sit comfortably in the palm of my hand! I’ve waited approximately 20 years to own one, and I didn’t want to wait any longer! LOL!

I woke up at 2:30 AM.  That’s all she wrote, folks. I never did get back to sleep!  At 7 AM, as I was fumbling around in my sleep-deprived, caffeine deficent stupor and attempting to get dressed, a loud rumbling sound began to seep through my stupor.  The afore-mentioned truck, very large and very loud, began the business of pumping concrete (well, I suppose it’s actually gunnite) into the intricate curves and whorls of wooden frames which will become our next-door neighbor’s swimming pool and hot tub!

I appreciate the vigilant pixie’s attempt to protect me from myself, but. . . .it is now 10:45 AM, I am well caffeinated, and I still cannot escape from my driveway to lay claim to my beautiful peacock!!!!!!!!




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