'Tis A Puzzlement"!

Sometimes, people really puzzle me!!

I spent 2 1/2 hours ‘people watching’ this morning in my cardiologist’s waiting room. This exercise wasn’t planned, of course – it was a combination of my decision to arrive 30 minutes early for my 10 am appointment (because his parking lot is hardly adequate to provide parking for the doctors in the building, let alone staff or patients! Actually, I suspect they all must park elsewhere…..it’s a mystery!) and the good doctor being unavoidably delayed at a nearby hospital.

The behavior of my fellow patients amazed and puzzled me! The staff kept everyone informed of the delay as it progressed, and the reason (one of his already-hospitalized patients was suffering a heart attack.) With each announcement came the advisory that we could wait, if we chose, or reschedule our appointment. Rather than do the former (quietly and with grace), or the latter (ditto), most of the soon-full room opted for bitchy vocalizations (“I’M here – – -HE should be!”, “MY time is worth something, too!”, “He should plan better!”, etc.) Plan??? Plan for a patient being seen on hospital rounds to go into a life-threatening emergency?? Excuse me??!

A few tried to bully and push the office staff. “Wait till my primary care physician hears about this” and “If he knew I was waiting he wouldn’t be late.” were a couple of the comments I heard. (Not “over-heard” – these were delivered at full volume!) One patient tried the “I’m too sick for all this waiting.” approach. Uhh – you may be really uncomfortable, but you’re not as sick as the patient he’s with at the hospital!!

I know I’m not Einstein, but how hard is this to figure out?! (A)Every one of us in that waiting room was there because Dr. XYZ had treated us in the hospital already or he was trying to keep us out of the hospital by treating us now. (B)He was delayed because he was treating a patient who was having a heart attack!! (C)If any one of us were in that predicament, we’d want him with us, regardless of his office appointment schedule!

“Grown-ups” are really, really wierd sometimes!!

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