One month later. . .Oh, never mind!

June 20th, 2006

It has been exactly one month since I found my skinny arse assigned to a room, a bed and an imposing IV pole/flow pump at one of our fine local hospitals. I should, finally, get something written about that sobering (and humbling) nine day experience. Would have written sooner, when I could remember the “funny bits” – – -Oh, wait a minute; there weren’t any! Started a few entries over the past month, but each time felt like it was ‘too soon’ to revisit.

Oddly enough, it still seems to be ‘too soon’! Since writing has always been a cathartic exercise for me, I’m rather puzzled by the apparent inability to vent, joke, grouse or otherwise file a report. My self-administered pep-talks have included the obvious facts: I’m home now and getting stronger. . .I’m no stranger to hospitals, G-d knows. . .nor to surgeries (which this particular adventure thankfully did not include), somewhat “nasty” tests, etc. Soooo?????

Well, Dear Reader (if I still have any!!!) all I have been able to sort out is that I didn’t get any voting rights this time! Usually, there’s the “Ouch, that hurts!” stage. That is normally followed by the Denial stage, “If I ignore it, it will go away.” Then there’s the, “O.K. – Guess I’d better tell the doctor.” stage, rather quickly followed by either Nasty Tests or discussions of how and when the particular surgery will take place. Though it’s small, I get some say in the scheduling of the whole affair! This time around, it was more like, “You don’t know what caused it??”, “You’re not sure how long I’ll be without food?”, “You don’t know when I might be able to go home??”

The foot surgeries? Oh, I think I’ll just let them lurk in the unscheduled area for awhile, thanks!!

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