Well, THIS wasn't expected!

Last week, I tried to make an appointment with my orthotics guy. The shoes attached to my braces have soft, stretchy, breathable uppers; very kind to my oddly warped feet, but not very resilient. Time for new shoes to be attached. Surprise: I needed a new Rx from my foot doc!!

Yesterday, I made a very (I thought) routine visit to the foot doc. After all, nothing had changed, right? All I needed was the Rx, right? Well, yes and no. The braces and orthotics are doing their job very well – I am able to walk in a near-normal fashion and maintain my balance much better. I knew that. It is quite likely that they would continue to do their job for another ten years. Eventually, though, some fairly heavy-duty reconstructive surgery will have to be done to avoid severe problems (ulcerations, infection, etc.). I knew that.

THIS wasn’t expected, though. . . . . . . in another ten years, I won’t be a candidate for the surgery! (Reduced circulation and such.) I didn’t know that!”O.K. – “What is my time window? When should I be figuring this into the equation??” Her reply – “You’re already in the time window – I’d be planning to have it done ASAP.”

My brain isn’t ready for ‘planning’ today; it’s too busy running in useless little how-when-what circles! I’m no stranger to surgery, but I’m not sure whether that helps me relax or contributes to the stress. I’m no stranger to post-op pain, and that definitely contributes to the stress. I’ve spent time in a wheel-chair (in a house that’s not wheel-chair friendly), and know I’m going to hate it. . . .again.

On the “Up” side, there’s a Christmas tree skirt I need to finish crocheting and embroidering, a large number of miniature (one-twelfth scale) Lost Maples wreaths to be completed and several orders for miniature flowers and plants to be filled, plus a gazillion half & quarter scale kits to be built. All of those can be done while stuck in bed or wheel-chair! On the “Down” side . . . . .all of my kits, supplies, tools and such are upstairs.Some of it is organized (translation: someone else might be able to find it for me) and much of it is not (translation: sending someone else to look for it will be futile!)

Well, nuts, now my brain is really doing a great impression of a hamster on an exercise wheel!!

Sigh 🙁

3 Responses to “Well, THIS wasn't expected!”

  1. Shannon says:

    Breathe easier. When you do find the time is right to proceed, you’ll have loving and supportive family members available to assist (whether or NOT you are un-stubborn enough to ask!) So, that’s one worry down… 99 to go? I remember the feeling, and the tearful phone calls to you, too, when I found myself in slightly similar circumstances. It’ll all work out.

    – Shan

  2. Merrilyn says:

    Whenever you have to go through something like that it is good that family is there to help. Is it over yet, or is there more to go? Let us know.


  3. Shannon says:

    It’s not over yet. She was hospitalized for 8 days due to illness and we just got her back home on Memorial Day. The surgery is understandably not quite on the immediate radar yet. I think Mom’s seen enough of hospitals for a little while. I know we’re sure glad to have her back in her “native habitat”! 🙂

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