Brace yourself!

Tonight is definitely going to require a wrist brace!

No, I didn’t take another bad fall! Well, yes, actually I did. While I was gardening last Sunday, a patio chair attacked me. It won. But that’s not the reason I am rummaging through drawers this morning, wondering where all of my wrist braces are hiding!

Tonight is the NISD 2006 Employee Recognition and Retirement Celebration. I received an invitation, and I must admit it felt (feels) a bit odd. Why? Well – – – I didn’t retire gracefully after 20 or 30 years of service; I left rather abruptly when my level of disability was placed on a collision course with new duties added to my job description. Although I know I made the right decision, it still feels strange to be on the list of this evening’s honorees! Uhmm, back to the wrist brace. Last night, I re-read the invitation. It seems I shall be walking across the stage (glurk!), receiving my award and shaking the Superintendant’s hand, then proceeding across the stage to shake hands with each of the Trustees. Ouch! Double ouch! If any one of them has a Really Firm handshake, it will be whimper/ouch! Hence, the brace as a self-preservation measure:-)

In other news;
Garmie #1 (my Garmin StreetPilot i3 GPS unit) led me across San Antonio yesterday afternoon to retrieve it’s replacement, Garmie #2 (a Garmin nuvi 350 “Personal Travel Assistant”) from the FedEx depot! Yes, I’ve only had Garmie 1 since April 2nd and no, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a great, relatively inexpensive introduction to the world of Global Positioning Systems. For a unit with only two function buttons (actually, one button and one scroll-and-click wheel), it performs a wide variety of tasks! However, I’ve apparently become spoiled by the high-end Garmins my daughter and son-in-law use for driving/flying/biking/hiking.

Their Garmins actually say the street names, rather than just “in 200 feet, turn left”. (That feature also adds a dash of humor once in awhile. “Guilbeau Road” or “Perrin-Beitel Street”, spoken in a feminine voice with an Aussie-English accent or a male voice with a British-English accent, can be good for a chuckle!) Yes, OK, it’s a feature I wasn’t having too much trouble doing without; if Garmie #1 said, “Turn right” and I was in doubt, all I had to do was glance at the screen display and read the street name in the banner. However, their Garmins also have touch screen data entry! Garmie #1’s scroll wheel and my badly warped hands were waging war against each other, and I was spending an impressive (and frustrating) amount of time undoing typos anytime I needed to enter a destination address:-( Sooooo, when I realized DH (Dear Husband) was surfing the Net for Garmin reviews to help him pick the unit he wanted, I did a bit (maybe more than a *bit*) of campaigning for an upgrade! Yep – I picked up two nuvi 350’s yesterday afternoon!

2 Responses to “Brace yourself!”

  1. Thomas says:

    Hey! This is cruel! I researched the nuvi and showed it to a semi skeptical audience. Now you guys have two!? 🙁

    Well, the bluetooth model comes out next month, it only costs an arm and a leg. ;p

  2. MommaCat says:

    Oops! Was I a part of that “semi-skeptical audience”? If so, I apologize; when we talked about Garmins, I A)Thought we were talking about the soon-to-be released Bluetooth and B)Was thinking and behaving like a MommaCat (i.e. considering the impact of the price tag.) As I said in my entry, I’d have stayed happy with Garmie #1 if not for the incompatability of scroll wheel and gimpy hand. Actually, I forgot to mention that Dad found a SUPER price break on our Nuvi’s – otherwise, I’d still be in delete-delete-delete mode!

    We’ll install Garmie #1 in your car when you are here next; it’ll give you something to play with till you can balance Bluetooth versus paycheck;-)

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