To thoroughly butcher a quote: “Once can be accidental, twice can be a coincidence, but three times is positive proof that I have the “Kiss of Death” when it comes to Dell – – -at least Dell Service!

For anyone who missed the Day Two activity; A second Dell tech arrived at the old homestead yesterday. His mission (since he chose to accept it) was to replace the mother – board (Well, now I know that the external power port is firmly attached to the mother – board!) and install a new cover before the LCD screen and the computer decided to part company! Umm, would you believe . . . . .the cover which Dell shipped doesn’t fit on my lap top??!! Day Two/strike two!

O.K. – taking several deep, calming breaths – – -focusing, focusing – – – Dell has over-nighted all of the wrong parts, so maybe I’ll have the right part installed on Friday, right?

Wrong, Oh Optimistic One!! At 9:30 this morning, the tech called; Tracking shows the cover as Ordered, but not Shipped! Day Three/strike three! We shall see what Monday brings (or doesn’t bring!)

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  1. Shannon says:

    Sigh, sorry this ordeal continues. At least the current tech assigned to your case seems a lot more forthright and knowledgeable. The other one was just slightly more useful/helpful than your average CompUSA retail sales dude, which is to say, useless.

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