Painted Buntings & Blue Jays & Bunny-Oh My!

It’s almost 8 AM, and I should be doing. . . . .well, actually, anything but watching Nature frolic in my back yard!

There are two orders sitting in my Tower, waiting to be filled (before the much larger order arrives from a dealer); a small amount of laundry has spontaneously self-replicated into a large mound (“Don’t try this expiriment at home, folks”)and serving dinner tonight requires that I actually get busy composing a menu and shopping list! There’s more on the To Do list, but. . . . .

Watching the feeding stations is sooooooo much more fun! “Our” bunny was the first critter to venture forth this morning, followed by sparrows, titmice, a few chickadees, finches, doves (of course! They’re San Antonio’s answer to the pigeons in San Francisco!), lots of cardinals, two sassy blue jays – – – and the painted bunting put in another appearance! (I hadn’t spotted it in a couple of days, so that’s a relief!).

I am also trying to keep an eye on an old pie tin placed at the base of one of my “shade trees” (aka: Crepe Myrtle). It is full of cracked corn, and I am hoping the squirrels will find it an attractive alternative to ravaging my block feeder!! Hmm, well – there you have it – – – -I just looked outside, and there’s one fat & happy squirrel – – -on the block feeder! DRAT!

Time to wrap this up – Dell Repair just called to say they’d be here between 1 & 3 PM (to repair the broken cover/screen frame before it totally seperates from the laptop!) – that means I’d better get the errands run!!

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