How Many Theaters?????

    According to Wikipedia, a Theater of war is described as “In warfare, a theater or theatre is normally used to define a specific geographic area within which armed conflict occurs. ”

    In general, I am one of the least politically-minded people I have yet to encounter. That’s not necessarily a good thing (or a bad thing, for that matter!) I “came of age” with the Viet Nam war still raging. . . “Never fight a land war in Asia” (movie: The Princess Bride”) comes swiftly to mind! I do believe it is every citizens duty to protect our country – I believe in the values and meaning of our nation’s flag; proof of that belief is the proud display of the flag which covered my brother’s coffin.

    However. . . . I do not have to look far to see that our military is presently active in a country whose citizens seem much more interested in “MY belief system or death” than it is in the ‘freedom’ we’re attempting to give it at the high cost of lives of American military and humanitarian aide personnel. Then, today, I see the following headline:

    “Iran Hits Milestone in Nuclear Technology”

    Am I imagining all of this, or do the words “preemptive strike” seem to be echoing through the hallowed halls of our government? Again. How many theaters of war do you think we need to be in?

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  1. Shannon says:

    I, too, wonder how thinly the U.S. intends to stretch its military, particularly given that our “modern” wars involve a lot more of our reservists and guard troops — troops that were, unless I’m misinformed, in part meant to be held “in reserve” for *domestic* crises… oh, things like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes… and, even when deployed to foreign soil to do their part, weren’t meant to serve deployments as long as “full-time”/”career” soldiers.

    That, and really, our track record in both Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t really give me warm fuzzies about any additional conflicts/efforts elsewhere. And it’s not the military’s fault — it’s their Commander in Chief’s.

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